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Family Council Network Four (FCN-4)


Ontario is divided into 14 Local Health Integration Networks ("LHINs"). Our region (LHIN-4) is the largest in the Province in terms of long-term care, with 86 LTC homes (about 10,000 residents). The region is referred to as "Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant"... but it also includes most of the County of Norfolk and the City of Burlington. Since 2005, we have been holding Regional Family Council Network meetings 3 times per year to provide the Family Councils in the region with a forum to share ideas, discuss issues and to support each other.


For more information about our FCN-4 or setting up  a Family Council Network in your area contact:

Robert Gadsby, Chair of Family Council Network Four (FCN-4) - 2021


FCN-4 Advocacy Committee


The Advocacy Committee is a small but dedicated team that adds voice and action to key issues facing all Long Term Care (LTC) homes.  The committee has been active since 2012, offering support, education and resources to local Family Councils. 


Networking with other regions (such as Champlain (Ottawa) and Kingston) and organizations (CARP, Ontario Health Coalition, CUPE, UNIFOR), the team has taken on a more political focus.  By connecting with the Minister of Long Term Care and Ontario MPPs, the aim has been to increase the awareness of all ministers of the need for more staff and as well as the education needs for all staff employed in LTC.  Given the many budget constraints that faces Ontario faces, it is crucial MPPs understand the long standing funding needs in this sector.  It is time that The Time to Care Act (now Bill 13) is enacted to ensure an average of four hours of hands-on care for all residents. The human resources strategy to resolve the PSW crisis is also front and centre as the report from the Public Inquiry into the Safety and Security of Residents in the Long-Term Care Homes System is expected July 2020. 

Family Council Network 4 Executive 2022

Bob Gadsby        Barbara Gadsby                   

      Chair                      Secretary  

Committee Members - 2022

Carol Dueck                  Peter Gnish                  Janet Volkes                 Tom Carrrothers               Anne Elliott                Bob Gadsby  

     Chair                     Website Manager       Facebook Manager

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