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What We Have Done Lately

To Make A Difference

The Advocacy Committee has:


  • Participated in the St. Catharines Women’s Council panel with MMP from Niagara Falls and Lead from Guardian Angels in St. Catharines in February, 2021. Chair Carol Dueck was our representative.

  • Promoted the Time to Care Act which calls for funding of an average of four hours of care per resident per day. The calculation of care hours includes “touch time” or direct care and is not  diluted by benefit (holiday, vacation, education, sick time) or administrative paid hours. 

  • Communicated with MPPs to have them understand and recognize that an adequate standard of   care is key to many of the issues currently impacting long term care.

  • Encouraged support of The Act from MPPs with the result that since 2012 The Act has been   presented and debated in the house an amazing 63 times.

  • Participated with Ontario Health Coalition in press releases to share the report published   December 2019 about the PSW Crisis.

  • Established connections with MPPs to educate and advocate for support of adopting a standard   of care and increasing educational funding and opportunities for all disciplines in LTC.

  • Participated in the development of education resources for LTC through the appointment of the Chair of this committee to the 2-year funded Provincial Advisory Committee for Centres for  Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRI).

  • Provided updates to regional meetings  sharing work to date and seeking input.

  • Received a second book publication as a fund raising vehicle.   

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